International Nurses’ Day

13 May 2019

A relatively easy idea, which unites an industry.

There are many national and international days, more than one a day in fact. They cover anything from awareness of currently incurable illnesses to complete other extremes, national selfie day (don’t worry, you haven’t missed it, it’s 21 June), for example.

However, this is a day which probably unites people more than any. A day to feel appreciated and to appreciate each other.

But, how can one simple day make such a difference? Because nurses, and all healthcare professionals, don’t do the job for the glitz or the glamour, the satisfaction they get is by helping others. Even if it’s at the sacrifice of themselves.

It’s only right to take a day to pat yourself, and your colleagues, on the back and say ‘well done’. It’s an important message across all industries. Don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back.

However, for this one day, 12 May every year, lets just focus on nurses and the selfless job they do.

So, whilst every day may be dedicated to celebrating something different, few are as important as International Nurses’ Day.