Is working from home the new way to work?

1 May 2019

Flexible and diverse working doesn’t necessarily mean ineffective and unproductive. With the decrease of ‘nine to five’ positions, is now the time to consider working from home as a viable option for your employees?

Concerns over productivity can be alleviated and not always with a strict, and somewhat outdated, KPI structure. Of course, KPIs still have their place in many businesses, but it’s not always the best measure of a person’s ability…but that’s another story!

Regular communication with your employees, often now done by instant messenger apps, are a key tool to keeping your working unit connected and working towards the same goals.

There are also direct benefits to you as an employer, from your employees working at home. Office overheads are a large cost to most companies, with energy bills and office supplies big contributing factors.

Although it may still be necessary to have a small meeting space as a central point, this can vastly reduce your costs, which can be vital to survival in a challenging economic environment.

Talking of environment, another huge impact would be to the Earth’s environment. If a large proportion, if not all, of your employees work from home for the main part of their time, this would cause a large reduction in carbon emissions from your workplace.

There have also been many studies that have shown allowing your employees to work from home actually achieves an increased loyalty and satisfaction of the individual towards their work. Allowing them to minimise, or eliminate, the financial stress of fuel cost, lunch cost, some childcare costs as well as reducing long and tiring commutes.

How do you feel about working from home, or allowing your employees to do so? Is this something you have done which has worked, or something you are still unsure of?