Mental Health Awareness Week

17 May 2019

Exercising, meditating, spending time with friends, spending time on your own – there are many different ways to manage, battle and even conquer your mental health.

What works for you? A question that Huffington Post asked celebrities to find different ways of battling mental health struggles.

Create art

Presenter and DJ Fearne Cotton found comfort in painting, “It’s something that is relaxing but still has an outcome,” she said. “I’m not distracted when I’m drawing, but I’m in a more meditative state where the white noise of life definitely fades into the background. I just feel really at peace.”

Learn when to say ‘no’ or when to say ‘yes’

Dame Kelly Holmes said learning to say ‘no’ helped her to keep her mental health on track. Focusing on self-care, getting to know herself and being confident enough to say ‘no, I can’t’, but also when to say ‘yes, I can’ or ‘yes, I will’.

Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge agrees, saying that learning to say ‘yes’ helped him to lead a healthy lifestyle – losing 12 stone and feeling ‘mentally lighter’ in the process. Learn to say yes to an opportunity, to that evening out, to that extra pint…but only if it brings you joy, not to please others.

Do what you love

It doesn’t matter if anyone else understands it, or if it’s a bit ‘outside the box’ from the ‘norm’. Find something you love and do it.

Diversity star Ashley Banjo found happiness through dancing, “You can be going through the worst day, or have something on your mind – telling yourself ‘get over it’, ‘don’t be angry’ – but when you’re dancing, you’re almost forced to shut it out,” he said. “It’s like you enter a different mind space, almost. You go out of the adult, conscious brain and you enter this primal, subconscious state.”

There are many other examples of activities or hobbies that people have found to work for them. There’s no right and there’s no wrong way to do it, it’s important just to find what works best for you.

Finally, if you are struggling make sure you talk to someone. If you can’t talk to someone close to you, there are lots of other options, please click here for a list of helplines you can talk to, in confidence.