Returning to work

26 April 2019

Returning to work after a long absence can often be daunting and sometimes demoralising.

At Evro Recruitment we welcome all skill sets and experience with a friendly smile and will help each candidate to get back in to work, in a job that suits them.

These are our top five tips on returning to work…

Make sure the timing is right.

Assess your situation, make sure you are in the right place to go back to work.

A potenital employer may ask about your employment break. This isn’t a difficult question, as long as you are happy that you are in a position to return to work.

Use your time wisely.

Choose your job. Don’t apply for every job you qualify for, ensure that it is a job you are comfortable to do and tailor your CV and application to the job specifications.

Stay up to date.

Take time to ensure your CV is up to date, including any breaks you may have taken from employment, it’s important to be honest.

Ensure you prepare.

If you are offered an interview, ensure you prepare well. Think about what questions they may want to ask you and any questions you will have for the potential employer.

Research the company to find out what you can expect if you are successful and to help you answer any questions they may ask.

Believe in yourself.

Believe in yourself and your capabilities to do the job. A potential employer is more likely to hire a confident and enthusiastic candidate.